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Cell Phone Banners Spell Success

March 17, 2009

A couple of days ago as I was fidgeting with my cell phone trying to delete some graffiti my teenager had left on my main screen (Nick was here!), I realized this space was prime real estate for true inspiration. So I set out to create a banner that read “I am successful!”. You have no idea what effect this phrase has on me every time I pick up my phone. There in black over a beachy background (what else would you expect?), these three little words stare back at me prompting me to respond. I guess I could disagree, but then where would that lead me? Oh yeah, DepressionVille. Nah, I don’t want to go there. Instead, I smile, primarily because the message still takes me by surprise –the memory not being quite what it once was– and secondly because it’s true and I can’t help but concur with it.

 As I was walking out of the office building I was not to return to on that Laid Off day, a very wise and dear man provided me with some great words of encouragement. “You’re a CEO, don’t forget that, you’ll land on your feet.” Wow! That was comforting, especially coming from someone who had known me only for a very short time. Yes, I had helped him edit a book he’s currently writing, but other than that, what did he really know about me, my work ethics, professionalism, etc.? Oh yeah, I helped him edit his book. I forgot. I’ve got to look into this memory thing. But I digress. I guess you’ve figured out that I do this a lot. Bear with me. It gets better.

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