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Unemployment – Day 2

March 14, 2009

Okay, so it’s been a while since my first and last post. Hey, I was trying to sort things out. Let’s start all over.

Day 2. Now what? Well, if you really think about it, only one thing has happened. You’ve been let go. You no longer have an office, a restaurant, a store, or a music studio to go to. So, you stay home, save on gas, clothes and lunch. Watch your language! I’m not making light of the situation. Hell no! (I don’t have to watch my language since I’m the one writing this.) Here’s what I’m saying: You can choose to despair. Or you can choose not to. Now, a little despairing may be a good thing at the beginning. Get it out of the way: picture losing your home, your car being towed, or your children going without food or medicine. Cry, scream or break something (not too valuable as you may not be able to replace it just yet). You owe it to yourself. Life sucks right now! Done? Now, get it together and let’s go. There’s a lot to do, especially during these times.

Not only is the economy in the outhouse, but the whole business structure has changed and is continuing to change as we speak. Things are not the way they used to be. And in order to find yourself in this new and changing world, you have to be a little creative. Reinvent yourself, as they say.

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