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What’s worse: being unemployed or in a job you hate?

April 9, 2009

Now wait! Before you accuse me of being blonde, think about it. Really think about it. A friend of mine just asked me if I could write about him being “deeply depressed in his ever-lasting job”. Let me clarify. He lives in Israel, ergo the ever-lasting job situation. And he works for the airlines: people, complaints, complaints, people. Every now and then something goes right (the plane is on time, the passengers are on time, there’s no terrorist attack, the pilot is not drunk) but nobody seems to notice, except him. Celebrations are few and far between. ·you’re hating it for as long as you show up for work. That could lead to ulcers, heartburn, psoriasis and a pot belly, not to mention hypertension, depression, anxiety (I used to work for a behavioral health company. I should know.) and the need to make like Spiderman and crawl all over the building walls. True or true?

That got me thinking. Really thinking. What’s worse, being unemployed or working at a job you hate? (I know, I asked that already. I’m just trying to make a point).

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Call it what you may, you’re still unemployed!

March 27, 2009

This morning I received my business word of the day from
(I get the jargon, too. It’s a lot more wicked!).  The word was rightsizing and the definition was -no lie:

A perversion of “downsizing,” meant to showcase the wisdom acquired by the “sizer” since his/her last foray into the re-scaling jungle. It sounds better than “layoffs.”

 Now, I ask you, who cares what it’s called? The important thing is what it does. So, great, the marketing department of a great corporation you have been performing at the top of your game for decides that the right number of employees is say, a bit off, and well that needs to be remediated (another great business term), so you and your whole group or part of your group or just you and someone in Wichita have to go. And after your meager severance package is paid and your Cobra benefits announced (ha! Are they kidding? You wouldn’t have been able to afford Cobra while you were employed, much less now. What are they thinking?) Well, of course, they’re not thinking, otherwise they would have known a long time ago the optimum (great word!) size of their operations and saved you the pain and agony of getting laidoff, oh sorry, rightsized.

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Cell Phone Banners Spell Success

March 17, 2009

A couple of days ago as I was fidgeting with my cell phone trying to delete some graffiti my teenager had left on my main screen (Nick was here!), I realized this space was prime real estate for true inspiration. So I set out to create a banner that read “I am successful!”. You have no idea what effect this phrase has on me every time I pick up my phone. There in black over a beachy background (what else would you expect?), these three little words stare back at me prompting me to respond. I guess I could disagree, but then where would that lead me? Oh yeah, DepressionVille. Nah, I don’t want to go there. Instead, I smile, primarily because the message still takes me by surprise –the memory not being quite what it once was– and secondly because it’s true and I can’t help but concur with it.

 As I was walking out of the office building I was not to return to on that Laid Off day, a very wise and dear man provided me with some great words of encouragement. “You’re a CEO, don’t forget that, you’ll land on your feet.” Wow! That was comforting, especially coming from someone who had known me only for a very short time. Yes, I had helped him edit a book he’s currently writing, but other than that, what did he really know about me, my work ethics, professionalism, etc.? Oh yeah, I helped him edit his book. I forgot. I’ve got to look into this memory thing. But I digress. I guess you’ve figured out that I do this a lot. Bear with me. It gets better.

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