All I want is all there is and then some!

March 30, 2009

earthakittAs I was listening to Eartha Kitt’s “All I want is all there is and then some” for the umpteenth time, it finally hit me. (Ok, I admit it: sometimes I’m slow.) It’s not about having “40 men who want to date each night or a mansion on a million acre lot” (although that’s not too shabby, either), but it’s about allowing ourselves to wish and desire without bounds. Like she says “Why not? If I’m gonna want, I’m gonna want a lot!”, and why not indeed? Why settle? Why put a cap on what we can be or what we can achieve? It’s akin to when a few years ago people were applying for mortgage loans. (Remember those days?) Some went in thinking they could afford a $150K home. But why think small, the bank countered? We’ll give you a $600K mortgage! Go get yourself a MacMansion on the hill. (Ok, so maybe this isn’t the best example…). But, you know what I’m talking about. I’m sure you do because, like me, some of you have sold yourselves short for no other reason than we believe we don’t deserve any better. And … may I ask who told us that? It’s not like when you’re in the reincarnation line ready to dive down and invade a sperm, a higher being hands you a number: 43. That’s your aspirational quotient. Jump, but remember on Earth you cannot aspire to anything above 43. Talk about mediocrity! Why, that’s not even 50%. Forget it! I’m not going in. I’ll stay here until I can get a better number. But being in the hands of a higher power, you’re pushed off the heavens and you land head first into you know where. Nine months later, a perfect 43 is born. Wouldn’t make a bad screenplay, actually: people walking around with their aspirational quotients on their sleeves. But, wait! We already do this. I told you I was slow.

According to Brian Tracy’s Million Dollar Habits (I swear he doesn’t pay me to write about him): The worst of all beliefs are self-limiting beliefs. These are beliefs that you have developed through life, usually false, that cause you to believe that you are limited in some way. Your negative beliefs soon become habitual ways of thinking. You may believe that you lack intelligence, creativity, personality, the ability to speak publicly, the ability to earn a high income, the ability to lose weight or the ability to achieve your goals. As a result of your self-limiting beliefs, you continually “sell yourself short,” give up easily in the pursuit of a goal, and even worse, tell other people around you that you lack certain qualities or abilities. Your beliefs then become your realities. “You are not what you think you are, but what you think, you are.”

So, think smart, think rich, think handsome, think THIN! Focus on the life you want to create for yourself, work at it, and it will come. Why am I so sure? Because I’m living proof. I may not be rich (yet!) or thin (yet!), but I have decided to take control of those areas of my life I can control. I have goals — some loftier than others — and I write them down and recite them each morning before I start my day. And then I set to work on the tasks I’ve assigned myself. I work hard and long and at the end of the day not only do I feel a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, I actually feel immensely happy because I’m living my life on my terms. And while I may not necessarily aspire to have Kitt’s “eight butlers just to peel my grapes”, I refuse to settle for a 43, or even a 99. Like she croons in her cat-like way, “why wish for a loaf of bread when you can wish for the grocery store?” Future millionaire material? You betcha!

PS – check back in a few days and I’ll have the song uploaded. Hey! I’m trying to save you some money here, OK? Be grateful.


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